Bonding time with kids

When the storm settles… we spend time with daddy before work and have doughnuts at 6 in the morning. It’s the little things that counts. It coats my soul with the everlasting feeling that in these moments we’re building LASTING and deep founded roots  between the littles and us.  And, all it cost is the baggy eyes from lack of sleep, a few dollars for the doughnuts and hot chocolate (AND COFFEE), and the priceless time spent building on our bond.

These early doughnut  escapades has become a regular thing between me and the girls. It’s a nice peaceful way to let all of the distractions fall away  and really just enjoy each other’s company as a family.  It allows us some time with my husband in the ambience of music and light conversation. Memories, I hope my kids will take with them… a time where we took our time as a family to just pace ourselves… because sometimes even when we’re at home together, the demands of the household chores can be a distraction within itself. I found that they are excited to see where daddy works (they seem to feel like they’re a part of that world with him, so that when they say daddy is at work.. they really understand the full weight of their words).

We can focus on silly conversations and find interesting tidbits, like how much doughnut holes we can eat in one sitting. We are also able to find new  and creative ways to incorporate math, science, reading…. you name it in these sittings. We get to visit daddy at work and enjoy nature at the park if the weather permits it. It’s all so simple, but full of meaning.

I needed this today. It’s been one of “those” weeks, especially with the homecoming of a  special soul. Today, our usual early morning doughnut dates is a salve to the  chips my heart took and the honey I need to sooth the lump in my throat.  The brief moments in the passenger seat as my husband drives himself to work, music up, and conversation unforced…. reminds me that there is quiet and peace in my life. It saves me from the deafening melancholy  thoughts unfolding in my mind…and brings me back to something simpler. So, I sip on this thought… and embrace the simplicity of joy.

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