OOTD: Summer Basics

Summer Basics:


It was a typical summer day. It was hot, humid, and it felt like your make-up would melt right off your face before you could even make it to the car. Yes, beautiful.. vibrant… scorching summer filled with its daily summer storms that lights up the sky with lighting and rolls in the boom of thunder.

Your typical summer and your typical need for the summer basics. Thin vintage tee, check. Cut-off shorts, check. Trucker cap, check. Converse, check. Pretty basic right? Just your typical average summer outfit you find yourself wearing every year. It’s easy. It’s comfortable. Wrong, look again. Nabbing the basic essentials in your wardrobe is good, but you don’t need to sacrifice your individuality for the “typically” expected look. It’s summer, have fun with it.

The accessories helped make this outfit. I found that by adding the little touches of himself  broke the mold of the expected look. Pins, pins, pins… it’s one of the great ways of expressing a little bit of yourself. Plus, it’s a little bit more affordable than buying a whole new wardrobe!

My husband added pins on his hat to exposed his love of anime and showcased his anime fandom. The pins he chose subtly reflected  on Crunchy Roll’s adaption of the new Beserk series and the rebiuild of  the Evangelion series (And, you know how much of a fan we are. We even made a vest! Lol). Pins emotes his anime fandom that also adds an interesting look to his outfit by adding color and an interest point of fascination. Also, by adding little things like the humorous grumpy cat pin gave the outfit a chill summer feel.  Someone else may have that hat, but no one else will wear it like he does.  I felt that the pins separates him from the sea of “sameness.” For the anime fans, if your looking into incorporating your fandom in your outfit… Pins are the way to go. It’s a great way to spruce up an outfit and express your love for it.

Just as the pins added a point of interest, the watch and bracelets he chose added a point of fascination. The white watch with it’s green accent was a nice bright option. It had an interesting design, though simple. The rope and anchor bracelet gave a nautical feel.  To add to that nautical effect, the suspenders were a nice compliment.  I always pictured a sea faring summer wearing overalls, being barefoot, and enjoying the salty breeze. Instead of overalls, the suspenders added that little bit of spunk to an otherwise casual outfit. The stripes brought the nautical look into mind. The beaded bracelet served to add color. It reminded me of earth, the summer beach days, and the days spent watching the sunset because it was summer vacation and there was no school the next day.

Every summer basics isn’t complete without that vintage tee. I loved the color of this tee and the paper thin feel. It also felt and look soft to the touch, unlike some of the more constricting stiff uniform material. Cut-off jeans that fit to his form is a great staple. He didn’t have to always rely on cargo shorts and he can wear denim/jeans without feeling like he’s going to be burned alive in them. He finished off the look with a pair of converse. I don’t know what it is about converse that brings back the summer feel for me. I’m a huge fan of converse and it’s my go-to pair of shoes to be honest. But,  I always felt like it’s the perfect summer staple. Maybe it’s because it reminded me of The Sandlot movie. Perhaps, it was my own summer go-to shoes growing up. Either way, it always seems to add a little bit of that edge to an outfit. It kept the casualness of the outfit and still added spunk. My kind of summer… laid back, fun, and interesting. Memorable.

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