OOTD: The Subtle Fan

Despite the title, this OOTD is still eye-catchingly awesome. The steam punk goggles over the bowler hat already showcases a certain type of uniqueness in his style choice. If you happen to pass by him, the shirt alone will catch your eye, and if you’re a fan…. it will cause double looks (thanks Arcade Block!).


The garments garnered looks from passerbys of all ages (from teens to adults, there was no age limit). It caused quite a stir between all of the age group and with the fans (at least, that’s what I noticed, while we cut through the onlookers at the mall). I kept wondering why there were long stares, hard stares, and double looks pointedly directed at my husband. Then I realized that, although, it was a subtle effect, the accessories and the outfit as a whole was intricately showcasing uniqueness and catering to  certain fandom groups. For example, a sales rep at Box Lunch, a gift and novelty retailer,  stopped to ask about my husband’s steampunk goggles. It triggered a conversation about how it was made, bringing it to conventions, and possibly selling it (What?! I would love that!).


I loved that the outfit demonstrated the evolution of my husband’s style choice and his way of depicting that. He’s never been a fan of certain types of necklaces, he’s always been more of a choker necklace type of guy. It brought out a lot of the edgy feel in most of his outfits. I loved his transition from chocker necklaces to steam punk goggles as a way of expressing his style. This game changer provides a limitless way of expressing  himself  differently in his outfit. It’s an out of the box way of approaching street-wear styles, which in turn, affects his other accessory choices. I mean, little surprises like taking out his Star Wars Boba Fett wallet to pay, is appreciated by other fans.



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