I love how my kids assigns each other things they would like to do/be. Ballet and drums for my oldest, guitar and soccer for the baby, and violin and gymnastics (now) for my middle child. I need to win the lottery!
These kids are into EVERYTHING. But, I’m so proud to know that they believe they can do ANYTHING. As parents, we are often the first to have the opportunity to breathe the confidence and plant the seeds of motivation and perseverance into the minds of our children.
I find it amazing that although, they are beginning to learn and understand the value and uses of money… it never seems to stumps their wants, their need to grow, and to explore things that may require having the said funds. Rather, they (I hope and to the best of their toddler minds) understand that we (as parents) are working hard to provide for them so that they can do ballet or whatever else they are interested in (recently reading and science).
They have recently taken it upon themselves to take ownership of their interest and being more “responsible” (sticking to it) about it. They’re learning to take things more seriously and really giving it their 100%. It’s funny, because I’m learning so much from them.
A child is so moldable. As adults, I find that there are bad habits I’ve acquired over the years. And, as my kids’ first role model… I need to work on changing and shaping myself to a person I (and they) can be proud of. Watching the respect, value, and time they put towards the things they hold important (and what we are trying to instill in them) reminds me of how lazy I may have been in developing different aspects of my life. It’s rejuvenating to find inspiration within my kids. But, I’ve realized that growing and shaping ourselves, taking inspiration from our environment, and working on it is all apart of living a more positive life.
They’ve wired their mind into really believing that they can DO ANYTHING they put their efforts into. So young, and yet so wise. Failure never seems to penetrate their process… but rather an opportunity to ask for help or try again.

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