Jurassic Pops

We were finally able to make it to the park with the kids after our (still) very busy schedule and after all of the storms. The slides were wet and almost everything in that playground was damp. Part of me cringed at the thought of their clothes getting dirty and wet. Another part was praying they don’t get sick (my family tends to catch the cold the same way our climate guarantees humidity in the summer). Still, it was worth watching the kids exert all of that energy and have some fun out in the sun.

Remember this shirt? It was in the last Sci-Fi Block Unboxing.

Watching them gives me the pleasure of knowing that I can mess up on so many things in life, but never with them. They are our treasure. Our daughters has given me the opportunity to witness miracles EVERY DAY.

Being the person behind the camera, I’m always captivated by the interactions people have with each other. My husband and my daughters’ bond (my favorite subjects), for example, are one of the best things I love capturing on film.


It allows me, to the best of my ability, show them what I see when they are together. I don’t just see a dad standing by his daughters…. I see a father that’s very conscious of his daughters’ choices. I found that my husband tends to place himself in the position that can best help our daughters.


He allows them enough room to roam freely and explore, but close enough to catch them should anything go wrong. He’s the daddy that laughs with them in their awkwardness. He builds them up and gives them their praise. And, although they may not know it yet.. he’s the tender hands that picks whatever “stuff” ends up attaching themselves on their beautiful curly hair. That’s what I see… and what I treasure most about simple days at the park. Our love, in the simplest moments, makes for one of the strongest glue we have… and a pretty important role in our family’s foundation.

2 thoughts on “Jurassic Pops

  1. fullestmom

    Love this post! Thank you for sharing these moments, they are so inspirational! May God continue to give guidance, strength, and perseverance.

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