DIY Project: The Joker

As one of his anniversary gifts this year, I wanted to give my husband something that was uniquely his. What better way to do that than a DIY project. What I love about these types of gifts is that I can keep my husband’s likes in mind, make it uniquely his (no one else will have it), and the end product tends to be exactly what you wanted it to be.


It took some time gathering the materials and even more time making everything work out the way I wanted it to. I originally wanted to surprise him, but I’m notorious for being impatient. I ended up telling him my idea and getting his input BEFORE I was supposed to give him the gift. I was glad I did… I was able to create something that I know he will love. We may have lost the surprise factor, but I gained a vital  input that made this shirt just the way he wanted it. I figured, I still had Father’s Day gifts I can surprise him with 😛 ( Which, I did by the way).

I made my own “handcuffs” to go with the whole theme. I had it hang loosely at the corner. I also tried to make the shirt look more distressed to go with the theme.

I was already imagining my husband wearing this little creation at Megacon or Comic Con (He ended up wearing it at Megacon, look out for more pictures with that post… and see how he wore it). I had so much fun making it and it was well worth the time I put into it.


Added this on the back of his shirt, per his request. It was great since I always take photos of his back. Plus it just added that something extra


I had the chain hang off around the “smile” of the Joker.

Doing things like this is what makes me happy.  I love the idea of making things from the depths of my imagination come to life. I don’t always get to execute it just the way I want envisioned it, but that’s just another opportunity for me to improve upon. It’s very rewarding, and even more so when the person I make it for loves it as much as I do.

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