Nerd Block: 1 Year Subscription Review

Without a shadow of doubt Nerdblock has been one of the best purchases/subscriptions we’ve made. Being a youthful hearty family of five we’ve encountered our fair share of obstacles as we warp into the future. Many with younglings of their own can attest to how the term “warp speed” or “time travel” reflect daily routines.


Personal health, career opportunities, financial status and so much more outweigh even the grandest of hobbies. An excel budget spreadsheet glares at you like “Mad Pierrot” awkwardly contorting with a menacing grin while sharpshooting your bank account into oblivion. “See you space cowboy.”

Even with the hardships of raising three daughters(OMG 3!! We had twin micro preemies born 1 pound 8 oz) and a wife fighting a neurological disease, (moyamoya disease) we enjoy every reward from every bounty we claim. Nerdblock, being one of the most invigorating rewards thus far.

 After times of life altering peril, nothing remains the same. Like Spike Spiegel, you see the present in one eye the past in the other. Is it a dream or nightmare? Imagine being stuck on a crowded elevator, acute pains wrenching your gut when you stare at your reflection in disapproval, but the horrid replaying of images in your subconscious are too vivid to want to close your eyes. To top it off no one on that damn elevator knows how to use deodorant!

Through the daily storm, Nerdblock has become a morale anchor within our household. An affordable fun and exciting venture delivered right to our doorsteps. It becomes a family tradition to open every Nerblock, ArcadeBlock, or SciFiBlock together starting from the first block my wife and daughters purchased as a Father’s day gift one year ago.


The kids parroting, “Block? Block? Daddy open Block, Daddy. Daddy’s Block. Star Wars! It’s Batman! Harry Potter!” is an extra reward. Watching them take ownership of each Block.  Nerdblock  satisfies the  resurgent cravings for all things nerdy that I’ve missed out on in the latter years of life.

It’s a positive for my wife to blog about in her battle with moyamoya, a mixed culture to introduce the younglings to, and a personal escape from a daily routine that can become mundane. The power of unrestrictive imagination coupled with positive reinforcement and guidance is what we hope to pass along to our children.

Nerdblock has definitely been well worth every penny. From superb customer service, on time tracking and delivery, and a box of mixed goods worth more than the price paid. We are always excited for our next block. If I could, I would subscribe to every option at least twice. As an added bonus, my wife even received the honor of being randomly selected as a mega giveaway winner! Winner of a ps4, Battlefront, and the Star Wars Saga!! Never would we have imagined the positive reflection that a simple subscription would have brought our home. And with our current budget, we have zero opportunity to purchase any of the mega giveaway items in the near future, we are grateful to be chosen and our family can’t wait to receive these awesome gifts.

After a year of subscriptions all we can say is, THANK YOU NerdBlock for doing what you love to do. If there has ever been any doubt the influence these blocks carry, I hope you know we highly respect your time in putting together each of your exclusive boxes.


Best Wishes, Cheers to another year!


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