Sci-Fi Block: June Unboxing

 My husband got his Sci-fi Block just in time for Father’s Day! Great box for the best daddy ❤  (They should be running some amazing deals right now for new subscribers).

 I wanted to steal so many of the items he received this month. The army men are my favorite! I’ve always wanted one as a kid and DID turn into one when I saw those in the box. The coasters felt like they were top of the line. They felt sturdy and were pretty unique as far as coasters go. I thought the extra $10 ShirtPunch Credit was a nice touch as an added bonus. It’s a pretty nice incentives for those who loved the  ShirtPunch tees  from the past boxes. Kudos to this month’s box- it was fantastic!


Items Received

1. Jurassic Pops Shirt

2. Exlusive! Aliens Vs. Colonial Marines Army Men

3. Exclusive! Battlestar Galactica Comic

4. Exclusive! Back to the Future 4-Pack Coaster Set

5. Back to the Future Delorean Art Print

6. Independence Day: Resurgence Funko Pop

7. Extra!! Credit coupon for ShirtPunch

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