Florida Anime Experience 2016

We made it back to Florida Anime Experience (FAE) for a second time in a row! We went sans kids this year which allowed for more time to really look at what the vendors had to offer. And, we weren’t disappointed. My husband found one that had some pretty cool steampunk pieces. We ended up opting for some steampunk goggles and sunglasses… I was super excited! Shifting through their products inspired me to do something similar. I really appreciated the craftsmanship and imagination that went into the process of creating the amazing pieces they had.

We bought a few pins from this vendor 🙂


This is part of what I love about these conventions. I feel invigorated by the energy and talent that the individuals have. You never know what gems you’ll uncover.

Right after we found the Princess Mononoke mug. #Selfie !!


For example, we found a Princess Mononoke artwork on a coffee mug done by a local artist. I’m a big fan of supporting local artist/businesses so finding that mug was pretty special to me.


I guess the energy of the place didn’t just inspire the creative juices in my mind, but also my husband. We made it to a Guitar Center near the convention. It seems only fitting to end our day in a place we are so passionate about. In his quest to find the guitar that’s the “right fit” we found ourselves spending a couple more hours in the ambience of the strumming of my husband’s guitar playing. It was almost hypnotic to me, now that I think about it. I was mesmerized by his dedication. It went well with the thoughts that’s been churning in my mind.

I find that my inspiration is derived from seeing the passion, drive, and dedication people put into their craft or hobbies. That’s why I’m drawn to photography. I’m captivated by the emotion people show and draw out of strangers. It’s amazing how a string of notes can create a melody, which in turn can move the hearts of men. I see it all as one huge drama unfolding, exploding, and imploding all at once into one big masterpiece. It’s a miracle within itself to see the idea of something become a substance, like that guitar my husband has been wanting or that mug we brought home.

It just goes to show that paving a path towards the things you love is worth it. Don’t hesitate, because you never know unless you try.

(Check out my Instagram Page for more FAE pictures)

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