Jurassic Pops

We were finally able to make it to the park with the kids after our (still) very busy schedule and after all of the storms. The slides were wet and almost everything in that playground was damp. Part of me cringed at the thought of their clothes getting dirty and wet. Another part was praying …

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DIY Project: The Joker

As one of his anniversary gifts this year, I wanted to give my husband something that was uniquely his. What better way to do that than a DIY project. What I love about these types of gifts is that I can keep my husband's likes in mind, make it uniquely his (no one else will …

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Nerd Block: 1 Year Subscription Review

Without a shadow of doubt Nerdblock has been one of the best purchases/subscriptions we've made. Being a youthful hearty family of five we've encountered our fair share of obstacles as we warp into the future. Many with younglings of their own can attest to how the term "warp speed" or "time travel" reflect daily routines. Personal health, career …

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