The Right Fit

A year ago my husband and I took a trip to California. It spurred our family to embark on multiple musical adventures. My husband was inspired to pick up his guitar and, in doing so, a lasting hobby. He started to practice more on a daily basis, which fed his growing passion.  My children were exposed to the wonderful world of music, each loving it in their own way. In my case, my love for documenting our times together through photography grew deeper. It also sparked my interest in videography. In many ways, it felt like the starting point of the musical evolution we, as a family, undertook to live a more positive and productive life.

My husband and I recently attended the Taylor Guitar Road Show with one of his friends. The experience widened my depth of appreciation for individuals who have a passion for music.  It was a good starting point to the newest adventure my family is undertaking by finding the “right fit” guitar he’s looking for.


It was an organized event filled with laughter, information, and an eye opening realization for me that the music world extended to a wide branch of occupation and interest. It gave me something to think about. The constant theme of finding the right fit and the focused dedication the atmosphere provided gave thought to the growth my family has gone through.

After a year, the progress, dedication, and focus I’ve seen my husband put towards his music is a reflection of the things he puts a value to in his life. He applies the same constant dedication to his relationship with the kids, his career, his personal growth, and within our personal relationship with each other. As he’s grown, I have grown by observation and inspiration. Our family has paved a path that’s the right fit for us. We’ve learned and are learning along the way to take away the unnecessary things in our life that might end up being toxic. Our focus is to keep things that are more positive in our lives that adds value and depth. It doesn’t mean we don’t go through growing pains, but we’re “carefully picking our rut, to progress in the journey for our future.”

As a family, we are striving to get better as whole and in our personal growth. The best part about blogging is that it captures a timeline of our progress over time. The memory is locked in as a stepping stone and helps to solidify our next course of action of tactics to succeed in any endeavor we put our mind to. Looking back, checking where we are at, and looking ahead helps to remind us that time never stops. This is oh-so-evident in the drastic growth we see in our children and within ourselves. As many of you know, our kids is a big part of why I blog and why my husband helps me with it. Our children fulfills the life my husband and I have. Everything we do is meaningful with them in it. However, each goal has to have steps and tactics to survive the long haul. The Road Show reminded me that purposely making plans and attaching realistic goals is what makes things happen.

One of the most exciting show of growth I’ve seen in my husband’s musical adventure is that over time he has been able to play songs that he had wanted to play. It’s especially rewarding to sit back and listen to him play with the girls. My daughters drum, dance, and sing along… heartwarming moments that create imprints in my soul. It makes me excited for the future. The embers that singes my heart motivates me to feel good about a 5 year plan my family can be proud of. Being optimistic and preparing a paved way makes getting to our goal a more enjoyable journey.

We have learned to set ourselves up to be prepared for anticipated burdens by realistically figuring out HOW we are going to get there. We found that the more prepared we are, the less the worry and the more time we have to focus instead of being boggled down by worries.


Implementing these life lessons in our journey to find the guitar that’s the right fit for our family is going to be quite the experience. This journey is part of the building blocks we are working on as a family. It mirrors our way of choosing to live a life steeped in quality. As a family who loves music, we hope to pass this along to our kids. Our hope is to create a positive outlet for them whether it’s through playing the guitar, drums, dancing, singing… and so on. It’s a full turn around of progress and reinvention. It also spurs the inspirational progression of my love of photography. As they become more active, I become more alive.

In this journey of finding the “right fit” guitar with my family… we hope that you stick around and learn to love and grow as we have. Time goes by so fast. The lessons we have learned in any type of goals we’ve set and in the life we live is that we take comfort knowing that even though we grow older each day, my husband and I are content because of the destination we see ourselves going. It’s a clear road. Life does happen… but as a family we’re mastering taking detours to a happy and enjoyable life. Living this way, you stop thinking about getting older, but rather embrace each day as stepping tool to get closer to your goal. It’s enjoyable, because we choose to invest in the things we love to do. It’s choosing to live with a quality focused life. It spurs growth and a full turnaround of exponential gratification.


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