May Sci-Fi Block Unboxing

These subscription boxes are a treat to have. Having a cool shirt sent to you on a monthly basis curves the need to buy extras. I love the surprise factor and the fact that we often times get more for our money. We recently subscribed to Sci-Fi Block and have been pretty impressed with the variety of items they provided with the April box we received. May’s Sci-Fi Block is just as impressive, if not more so for me. I’ve been anticipating this month’s box since I found out that they would provide Fahrenheit 451 as a bonus in the boxes. I love, love, love the idea of receiving books in these boxes. I find it a refreshing way to spruce up the type of items we receive. It catered to the bookworm in me, and I loved that about this month’s box. One of my favorites this month would be the Star Wars Furry Chewbaca Can Koozie (my husband tested it out on his day off… as he drank his soda and watched Akira with me). It will be a great addition to our trips to the beach right on top of the Star Wars Beach towel I received for Mother’s Day 😛  Fahrenheit 451 and the BB On Board bumper sticker are also on the top of the list. It’s my husband’s subscription box… and my kids and I want to steal most of the stuff he gets. I guess that just means it was a good box!


Items Received:

1. 60th Anniversary Edition Fahrenheit 451, By: Ray Bradbury

2. T-Shirt: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

3. Funko Reaction: Star Trek “Spock” Action Figure

4. Star Wars Wacky Wobblers (We got Phasma)

5. Star Wars Furry Chewbacca Can Koozie

6. Futurama Art Print

7. “BB On Board” Bumper Sticker

If you’re thinking about signing up for Sci-fi Block, here are a few discount promo codes you can use. I believe that they are currently doing a deal where they give early birds who sign up for the June Nerd Blocks 20% off the first box (I’m not sure how long this will last). That’s a better deal than these promo codes, so I would suggest that you use that first. If you miss that deal, feel free to use these promo codes when you sign up. And, please share with us which Block you picked. My husband and I are currently a fan of Arcade and Sci-fi Block. We’ve received some EPIC items from those Blocks.

Promo Codes:

**Codes expires June 12, 2016. And, I think it can be only used once. They may no longer work once others have redeemed them**

ARIANNEFRND16 10% June 12th, 2016
ARIANNEFRND17 10% June 12th, 2016
ARIANNEFRND18 10% June 12th, 2016

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