OOTD: Revenge of the Sixth

Revenge of the Sixth!


My husband took advantage of today’s “fandom” fun and decided to showcase his appreciation through his wardrobe. He sported his Kylo Ren shirt he received from his December Nerd Block, DIY hoodie, Vader themed watch, and socks from his Sci-Fi Block.


It was a fun and eye-catching outfit. The colors gave it a vibrant feel. Adding the steam punk designed goggles to his retro fitted bowler hat gave way for his uniqueness to shine. He finished off with  some sweet looking suspenders and plaid converses. He was rocking an OOTD suited for any fan.


“Moyamoya syndrome is a disease in which certain arteries in the brain are constricted. Blood flow is blocked by the constriction, and also by blood clots. A collateral circulation develops around the blocked vessels to compensate for the blockage, but the collateral vessels are small, weak, and prone to hemorrhage, aneurysm and thrombosis. On conventional X-ray angiography, these collateral vessels have the appearance of a “puff of smoke”.


Today is also World Moyamoya  Day! Please consider spreading the awareness for this disease. It’s a bit of an emotional day for me. I didn’t realize how much this day means and affects me, but here I am fighting on. Moyamoya  has taken so much  out of me and my love ones. Some days, I feel like crying, breaking down, and losing my self control. But, today.. it’s all about standing up and pressing forward. Sharing and spreading awareness could save a life and hopefully bring more people to the right diagnosis and finally a cure. I’m learning to live my life to the fullest, so that despite the many setbacks Moyamoya provides…. I am filled with joy and hope that there will one day be a cure for this disease.I will fight.

For those that are willing please consider adding a profile overly to your FB picture to spread awareness. Also, the other FB page is a great community for those who have love ones or have moyamoya. They’re great with answering questions, sharing experiences, and uplifting each other positively. Thank you ❤



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