OOTD:Light Colors and Washes

Yesterday was a beautiful, clear, and HOT day. What better way to embrace spring and (where we live) it’s hot weather than choosing light colors and washes in your ensemble. My husband’s outfit  felt fresh, hip, and sophisticated. The light colors and washes of the shirt and jeans complimented each other. For fun, Wonder Woman themed Converse made for an interesting statement “accessory.” The flatcap added a nice shape and touch to the ensemble. It kept the sun out of the eyes, and was a different choice from a baseball cap.


Side Note: We have plans for the shirt he is wearing. This is the first phase of it, and hopefully what it becomes looks just like what we imagined it to be. 🙂


Daddy’s girls, all with their own very unique style. Teaching them confidence is more than just telling them to be confident. It’s a process, that as parents, we have to keep building upon.

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