Sci-Fi Block March 2016 Unboxing

We traded our Nerd Block Classic in and signed up for a Sci-fi Block instead. I’m glad that my husband decided to try it out. It was a great box!  I appreciate the uniqueness and usefulness the box provided. It allows for my husband (and me) to use the items other than just a decorative piece. That is a major plus in my book.

My favorite items would be the Firefly figure (We got Hoban Washburne) and the Star Wars socks. Firefly is one of my favorite shows, so I’m glad to add the action figure to our very small collection. I’m already imagining it on our Christmas tree next year… right next to our Firefly ornament. The socks are a great touch! Themed socks can sometimes be costly, so having one with a theme of my most recent obsession is great. My husband favors the Star Wars light up pen over all of the other items.


Items Received:

  1. T-shirt:Sci-fi Spaceship Silhouettes
  2. Funko Reaction: Firefly
  3. Et: PHone Home Magnet
  4. Star Wars Ankle Socks
  5. Star Wars Projector Pen
  6. Bonus: Mad Max Jim Lee Cover Variant #1
  7. Doctor Who Wacky Wobblers

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