Nerd Block February 2016 Unboxings

My husband’s Nerd Block came in last night! I’m happy with the contents of this box, partly in part because I was able to watch the movie with my husband and KNOW who Deadpool is. I was a bit confused for awhile. ๐Ÿ˜€

My favorite items this month is the batman mug, my husband and I are coffee and tea drinkers so this is a gem. The oven glove is what I needed, and I’m ecstatic to find thatย it has such a unique design as far as oven gloves go. And, the last would be the Deadpool shirt, only because I can’t help but laugh at the scenes I remember from the movie.


What We Received:

  1. Deadpool 7″ Plush- I love this because I watched the movie, but I would have preferred it as a bobble head or something.
  2. ShirtPunch T-Shirt: Wilson’s Mercenary Services (LOOOOVVEE!!!!)
  3. Super Wine Stopper
  4. Batman Glow-in-the-dark mug
  5. Oven glove

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