Not So Valentine’s Day Lookbook

My style has always bordered on the grungy, sporty, and edgy aesthetic. I feel the most comfortable wearing this type of style. I love blending the different styles and creating unique looks that captures a piece of me.

Naturally, my Valentines Day idea borders on these styles. 😀 I’m not sure yet if this is the outfit I’ll be wearing… but these pieces are on the top choices for date night.


I broke up my all black ensemble with a studded denim moto-cut jacket.  It adds the right amount punk rock to the edgy look. The fabric choice, embellishments (zipper and studs), and the cut makes for a great conversation starter. It’s perfect for date nights and social gatherings.

 Since, I was thinking about wearing an all black ensemble, I wanted to mix up the fabric choice I was wearing. I went for a simple black cotton tee and paired it with faux leather leggings and combat boots. It was the right amount of edgy.

I opted for simple winged liner and an orange tint lipstick (I don’t think the tablet caught the color, but the lipstick is from Julep called Beso). I know that this outfit  doesn’t really center around the whole red, pink, or hear themes of Valentine’s Day, but I really wanted to capture a look that was a little bit more my taste. I took the whole confetti and glitz you might find in a Valentine’s Day Look Book, and incorporated the idea with the embellishments of the jacket and jewelry I plan to wear. 🙂

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