Arcade Block January Unboxing


My husband’s Arcade Block never disappoints. I was sitting across from him when he opened the box, and I just couldn’t help but notice how beautiful it was. 😛 Silly, I know… but the box looked promising. I mean, one of the first things you see is a Mortal Kombat themed bobble head! (We got Scorpion). My inner child was yelling out … “Get over here!!!” as my husband sifted through the box.

My top 3 favorites is the Pokémon themed hat, stress ball, and the Street Fighter shirt (I’m tempted to “borrow” from my husband). This was an amazing box and has placed the Arcade Block above my husband’s Nerd Block… once again.


What We Got:

  1. Exclusive: Mortal Kombat Bobblehead (We Got Scorpion)
  2. Street Fighter V T-shirt (We got Ken)
  3. Trainer Beanie (Pokémon themed beanie-LOVE!)
  4. Portal-Safety First Tin Sign
  5. Morphball Stress Reliever
  6. Puzzle Cube

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