DIY: Sailor Moon Theme Camera Bag

I bought a new camera bag recently (Originally $30 for only $5). I bought it to help protect the camera I had-I didn’t want it clunking around in my other bags. I didn’t really want anything too big or bulky since I don’t have any other lenses or equipment yet. The bag’s size serves its purpose. It’s petite, has the right amount of pockets, and enough padding to protect it from occasional bumps. Only, it was pretty plain. So, I started a new project to personalize my camera bag a little bit more.

I had quite a few Sailor Moon accessories that I originally had on my denim jacket. But, for awhile now, I just couldn’t bring myself to make it permanent there. Now, I know why. It was meant for this bag.


Doing things like this helps inspire creativity in me. It’s both relaxing and invigorating. My favorite is Usagi, so you can only expect it to be catered around her. But, I felt and needed to represent my husband in it somehow. He introduced this new love to me after all. Since, Sailor Mercury is his favorite out of all the Sailor scouts… it felt right to have a charm of her on my bag. Her saying, ” Agent of Love and Intellect” worked well with what I plan to do with the photos I take. I want to spread my love for life and spread the word about Moyamoya disease. I have Artemis and Luna on both sides, because who doesn’t love them? I hope you enjoy… I’ll be adding more and more to this bag. But, for now.. this is what I came up with. (I have Moyamoya on the back, but I’m not finished with it yet- that is for a different day)


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