OOTD: All Black Ensemble

It’s hard to mess up an all black outfit. It’s one of those “easy” get-ups you can throw together without worrying about the colors clashing (haha). But, often times it can look pretty basic and uninteresting (I know, it’s my go-to outfit choice MOST of the time). The trick is finding a balance of simplicity and personality to add a touch of “interesting” to your all black ensemble.


One  way to add personality is the accessories you can stack on an all black ensemble. The options are LIMITLESS. In my husband’s case he chose dark pieces to stick to the all black theme. He also chose pieces that gave away a little bit of himself. The pins uniquely illustrates his love for music. What better way to do that than an old school cassette tape and a treble pinned on his Goorin “Black Sheep” trucker/baseball cap? The hat showcased his personal preference for comfort and individuality. Keeping it simple, a couple of bracelets and watch adorned his wrist.  


Texture is also very important to add something interesting to an outfit lacking in color. My husband’s structured jacket and his “Fender” t-shirt was a great mix between something with some detail (stich work was pretty cool on the jacket) and solid. It still told a story of both comfort and a feeling that he put a little bit more thought to the outfit all together. It was effortless a good match up.


Like all outfits, what you wear can tell people a story. In my husband’s case… I thought it depicted comfort, simplicity, and something that catches my eyes. Every girl has that little black dress…. I truly believe that every guy should have numerous and an ever changing “all black ensemble”. It’s fun and can be a great platform to add a bit more personality into an outfit without feeling like anything will clash too much.  

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