OOTD:Chill Day

It was a chilly day (one of many during the last couple of weeks here). It was the perfect day to run and play at the park, especially when it’s usually still pretty humid here during the fall and winter months. The atmosphere was relaxed and comfortable. It was our family time before my husband headed to work.


His outfit was one of those.. “I’m going to just throw something on…but still look put together” look. The best way to achieve that is the materials you use (texture, color, and style you’re going for).


My husband opted for a deep, almost burgundy chinos instead of denim. He brought out the Star Wars tee his mom gifted him for Christmas and layered it with a nice knitted sweater from Forever 21. My favorite thing about this sweater is the detail on  the collar. It gives it a rich and unique look.


I always believed that a beanie was the easiest way to tone down an outfit. My husband chose his tan Goorin beanie to finish off the look. His accessories were tones of brown hues that kept it neutral. For a bit of fun, my husband added his Nerd Block Star Trek pin on his sweater. It was a good look that was effortlessly perfect for a day of music and play at the park.

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