Shoe of the Month: Wonder Woman

There’s a saying that having the right shoes can take you places. But, it’s really more than that isn’t it? We need the right attitude, the perseverance, the right amount of aggressiveness, finding the right moment(s), accepting minor set backs, accepting the triumphs, and taking the first step (and every other step afterwards) towards the places we were meant to be. It takes imagination, setting goals, and ACTION.


My daughters have taught me this. They are so full of life. They have shown me that having the “right shoes” isn’t necessarily going to take you places by just “PUTTING THEM ON.” You have to try that sucker out and … jump, run, and god forbid… scuff it up a bit. It’s a tool… use it.

I feel so motivated by them (my family). The girls have gone through a lot medically… but looking at them, you would never know it. The past experiences has not deterred them from actively participating in the life they were given. They are resilient. They are epic. They are my Wonder Toddlers. They are my inspiration.


On top of all of that, my husband reminds me that without the effort.. there is NO GAIN. The time and effort he puts towards his family, career, hobbies… leaves me awestruck. It gives me no excuse to live my life halfway.

I may not be “Wonder Woman,” but I am a mother. I am inspired. I am motivated. And, to my husband … I am “his” Wonder Woman. That’s all that really matters… who I am to them. Who I am to myself. Who I am in my faith. It’s only appropriate that my favorite shoe of the month is my Wonder Woman Converse. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it fits the bill as far as my personal style choice and comfort (lol).


It’s taken me to my “first” (I took some before this outing) practice shoot with my camera. I was frustrated with myself for not being “there” yet. But, it was a growing and learning experience. I’m accomplishing too much to give up. And, that’s not just photography. Every step I take to participate in my current life and future BEATS MOYAMOYA.

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