OOTD: Stripes

There are days when you wake up to find just the right outfit to cater to your mood. There’s no forcing it, the confidence and idea is just right. My husband’s outfit was fun, youthful, and had a bit of gentleman class. It portrayed a bit of himself… from the Nerd Block (wayyyyy awesome Star Wars themed shirt) tee, suspenders, an olive green grid-lined flat cap, and crisp white converse. The olive green sweater was a great piece to bring everything else together.


The skinny acid washed jeans, tucked in tee, and suspenders took this outfit from ordinary to unique. It looked more polished and definitely stamped a pretty vivid and fun statement. I love that he chose a more neutral approach with the colors he picked. It certainly brought out the shirt he wore and the accessories he chose. Keeping the colors neutral allowed my eyes to focus on the whole picture he was creating without it being to busy. It showcased some pretty cool looking accessories that on its own could have been ordinary. For example, stripe socks. Nothing to it, but when paired with this outfit… it was a game changer. The details weren’t lacking… and it was definitely fun.

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