New Year, Fresh Look: January 2016 Julep Unboxing

I received my Julep box a few days ago. I was pretty excited, and also somewhat nervous about choosing the curated box that had all lip balms without any polish. It was my first time using Julep’s lip balms, so I was really hoping that it was a great product. The box contained 4 “It’s a Balm” lippies. The swatches to the four colors were beautiful. So, I was hoping that what you see on screen, translates into reality. I usually have chapstick on before applying any type of lip tint. With how smooth “It’s a Balm” goes on… I doubt you’ll miss it. I only tried Dusty Orchid Shimmer (beautiful color), and noticed that it’s not as tinted with just a couple of application. I was laying it on pretty thick before really getting the color I want. I’m hoping the other lippies aren’t like that. But, as far as moisturizing… it did its job. It does look matte after application, but still feels like you just put chapstick on. Very nice… I forgot that I even had it on. The color stayed on pretty well over a period of time as well. Yet, another plus!


The colors I received:

  1. Dusty Orchid Shimmer
  2. Ripe Raspberry Shimmer
  3. Apricot Nude Crème
  4. Nectar Pink Creme

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