Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary babe! I just want to take the opportunity to express the love I have for you and the invaluable love you have given me in return. We may not be the Hallmark cheesy love, but what we have is real. It’s built off of the experiences and voluntary decision to keep choosing love over selfishness. You have taught me so much in this relationship that helped me grow as a person. What most people don’t know is that you’re usually the driving force to a lot of my inspiration. I don’t think I would write as often about my experiences with moyamoya without your support.

When people say that I am strong because of what I have gone through with Moyamoya… I wish they knew that it was because when I was weak, you were there. You tackled work, kids, me, and the household when I couldn’t do it. You have to balance the task of helping me and allowing me to be independent. You were my strength when tears poured down… and I was scared. You sacrificed many sleepless nights… knowing you have to wake up in a couple of hours for work just so that I can sleep and not feel the anxiety Moyamoya brings about. You hear the uncensored fear and words at my most vulnerable moments and you keep me company and listen.You have reminded me countless times that I am not defined by Moyamoya and to keep LIVING positively.

I realized many things that I love doing because of you (my love for photography now) and have embarked on many adventures with you. And, that’s the point… we are a team that doesn’t thrive on bringing the other down. You have elevated me as your wife, person, and confidant.

You do so much for me… no one ever sees all that you do (and it’s so much, that I can’t place it all into words). All I know, is that I feel most loved by you. I understand what they mean about not settling for anything less. You have shown me more and beyond. You have given me the BEST gift I could ever receive from anyone… a family. I have a home with you and our kids.

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