Evolution: Musical Progression

The time it takes to perfect a craft is a lifetime of meaningful devotion. Life taste sweeter, the bitterness is medicinal, and the nectar of joy indulges the perseverance to keep on keeping on. You want meaning in your life? It’s simple, it can only be derived through the natural process of being true to yourself…. get to know who you are and steadfastly evolve into all that you are meant to be.

Thinking and living positively is an everyday process that is heavily influenced by daily choices we make. Finding the things we love is a fortunate thing. Not very many people know what that is in their life. The next step is to incorporate that into a positive in our lives.

Music harbors intimate memories of evolution in most people’s lives. Music can remind us of our first love, a wedding, a heart wrenching event, and can pick us up from the broken pieces that we might have been. It is an inspirational tool that can also be experienced physically. I’ve recently understood the magnitude of this through the guitar.

I have recently started to learn how to play the guitar. There’s nothing like it. The pain, the joy, the reward… it has to be experienced to understand the obsession. This brought a slight understanding (I’ve only been playing for a little while) to the evolving musial transformation my husband has undergone… and how much of it affects our daily lives.


He’s not in a band. He’s not claiming to take part in composing the next best hit. But, this hobby has produced a positive vibe within our home. The music he plays brightens our home. The kids and I are constantly introduced to the world of music…and his passion inspires us all. He practices relentlessly and his therapy has become the family’s as well.

His perseverance and devotion to his musical hobby reminds me that working on yourself is an everyday thing. There’s no off days. It doesn’t mean that you intensively search your soul on a daily basis… but gradually working on the you right now …. will help bridge the evolution of who you are tomorrow. Change, outcome, and growth doesn’t always happen overnight. It is the slow progress over time.

Music has magnetized our home for all things positive. The relationships and bonds my husband has created are born out of healthy well meaning foundations. But, only because he chose to be rooted in working meaningfully on himself and adding towards the lives of those around him. In response, we are surrounded by inspirational individuals who value a life filled with joy… acquired by the aspiration to live life to the fullest. So, I leave you to… Keep on dreaming, keep on reaching, keep on playing on.



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