Grab Box: Horror Block Unboxing

Surprise! My husband and I did it,  and decided to try one of Nerd Block’s Grab Boxes that they were offering for $9.99. Each box featured items from past boxes. Since, we were already receiving Arcade Block and the Classic Nerd Block… we opted for the Horror Block. I can’t lie, I wanted to see if they would add something from “The Walking Dead.” We weren’t disappointed. We received a decal (though, I probably would have preferred a something else other than  a decal) featuring one of the well known Walkers we’ve seen before.

The box the items came in was pretty cool. I like the saying it had inside the cover. My favorites would have to be the clown shirt, The squishy maggot eye skeleton (circular ball looking thing in the middle), and the decal. I felt pretty nostalgic about the Scream collectible. I remember watching that “thriller” in my school age years. We also received a Jason Plushy and shot glasses. Hope you enjoyed.

***The grab box was $9.99 plus shipping. My only concern is that the grab boxes were advertised as a one time purchase for members, but I received and email from Nerd Block saying that it’s a subscription. I am waiting for a response (hopefully it was just a generic automated message, but that it is really a one time purchase) to have this fix from Nerd Block. I’ll update then with a resolution. Otherwise, as far as grab boxes go… I’m especially happy with the shirt that brings back memories of me terrorizing people with my collection of clowns. Yes, I collected clowns. No, I don’t anymore. lol***



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