OOTD: Color Block & Short Dresses

Ever buy a dress online, excitedly check the mailbox EVERYDAY, and when it finally arrives…. it’s TOOO SHORT! Is it a shirt? Is it the wrong size? Is it for kids? Did the heat get to it? Most of us have experienced this mishap. Sometimes we can save the dress by wearing a pair of tights underneath… SOMETIMES.


In this OOTD, this is how I solved that “itty” problem without always having to rely on those handy tights.  I found shorts that were long enough to keep it decent, used the dress like an oversized shirt, and slimmed everything down with a my knit sweater.



5 Comments Add yours

  1. It’s actually very 1960’s cool!

    1. TriOptic says:

      Thanks! If only it was the right length it would have been awesome with the right pair of glasses.

      1. I hope you can find a seamstress to help

      2. TriOptic says:

        Me too, because my limited knowledge of sewing will butcher it. 🙂

      3. Well I hope that doesn’t happen it is a very cute dress.

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