OOTD: Bulky Sweaters

I found this sweater at Goodwill, at what I think was about $3. Something about the plaid, bulkiness, and scratchy look of it made me want it. It screamed “ugly sweater” at first… but it soon transformed into an “EDGY” sweater. It was perfect for me.

I chose some pretty unique pieces (the camera didn’t really capture the clash of fabric choice-intentional). But, I loved it. It was funky and edgy enough to represent my love for unique pieces.

I love the pockets to this sweater that gave it the big comfortable sweater feel. Since my sweater was bulky, my chunky heels, snake-like tights, chiffon long blouse, and long layered necklace added height. I didn’t want to drown too much into it. The hat was a great funky addition that tied everything together. It was all in all… something that expressed my love for reviving items into something that can be useful to me.

DSCN4739 (2)DSCN4743

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