November Arcade Block Unboxing 2015

November Arcade Block Unboxing 2015

My husband’s Arcade Block was dropped off yesterday! Even though it isn’t my subscription box, I’ve been sitting in anticipation. I wondered if they would be able to top the last Nerd Block we got with the Serenity ornament (I doubt, anything can beat that) in it. This box, as always, had interesting items that I found useful and unique. I’m not as excited about ANOTHER calendar, but I wasn’t completely upset by it either.


My favorites? It would be the ugly (not-so-ugly) t-shirt version of the famous “ugly sweater.” It’s perfect for the type of climate we live in. The other favorite would be the key, but that’s simply because I’ve always been so obsessed with keys… especially antique designed ones.

What We Got:

  1. Uncharted Vinyl Figure: Nathan Drake- We can’t stop playing Uncharted Collection on the PS4, and now we have another way to celebrate one of Sony’s biggest franchises ever; this incredible vinyl figure of Nathan Drake! Take him on all your real life adventures, or consider him a treasure and display him in your home!
  2. Exclusive Shirtpunch t-shrt: It’s the time of year! “Ugly” sweater season is upon us. Only we think this one is more cute than anything.
  3. Halo Calendar: Halo 5 is here and we can’t get enough! It’s the kind of game we’ll be playing well into the next year, and now with this calendar we can all keep track of the big releases of 2016 (including all that sweet Halo 5 DLC) as well as other important dates!
  4. Exclusive: The master Cork: A drink to the Past- We can finish entire bottles of our favorite beverage at once. But sometimes you gotta know when to call it quits and save some for another day. It’s not always easy to get that cork back in, but this Master Cork is here to save the day- and your beverage.
  5. K’nex Angry Birds-Mini Figure: Putting a blind bag toy in an Arcade Block is a secret with in a secret! Bring the the age-old tale of birds who are angry at the green egg-stealing pigs to life!
  6. Exclusive Mansion Keys: You know what’s worst? When your helicopter crashes and you find yourself running away from weirdo dogs and ending up in a spooky mansion. It’s a long shot, but if that ever happens to you, this key may come in handy.

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