OOTD: Be Your Best Self, Inside & Outside

Thanksgiving has come and gone and now we’re left with tinsels and wreaths sprinkled all around us evoking the heart-warming atmosphere of the upcoming Holiday cheer. But, before we even get into that, I’d like to share the outfits we chose for Thanksgiving.

DSCN4231 (2)

We both ended up (unintentionally) picking things that were casual and comfortable. We wanted to be able to have something that expanded with our full bellies after a delicious meal, haha just kidding (not really). I think we had the same idea in wanting something that reflected the comfort we felt in the company we had. The pieces we chose were easy pieces that flowed and were effortlessly casual, but still trendy.  We also ended up wearing a lot of the clothes we bought in our H&M hauls from our vacation (unintentional). This is what we came up with.



After a wonderful Thanksgiving, I welcome Christmas (or whatever you may be celebrating this holiday season). I love the warmth and vibe of Christmas cheer. As a child, my most memorable Christmas memories were ones spent with my family in the Philippines. I didn’t actually come to the states until I was about 7-8 years old.

DSCN4266 (2)

One of the best memories I had was probably the last Christmas I spent there. All of my neighbors (who ended up being family) cooked food to share within the community. We ate in communion and the kids visited people’s homes singing “broken” English Christmas carols. It didn’t matter, we were happy. We had rocks we struck together to keep the beat while we sang the tunes. It was divine.


We didn’t have the same traditions that I was introduced to when I came to America of having boxes of gifts under the Christmas tree (not that it’s a bad thing).But, I never felt like I was left wanting. It taught me the essence of giving and loving without the materialistic things. Lessons, I hope to gift my young ones as they grow up. That’s why my husband and I put so much effort in building lasting memories and experiences  rather than just giving without sentiment. Don’t get us wrong, we want to give the best to our kids… but in doing so we don’t want to forgo the important things in life. We want to nourish our family in becoming the best of who we are as a unit and as individuals both inside and out. Other than that, I hope you have as much fun viewing these photos as much as we had taking them (thanks to my Sister-in-law’s photo skills for taking a picture of us both)

DSCN4275 (2)



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