$2 Polish at Julep & 30% OFF!!!!

For all of the Julep Maven wanting to shop the Black Friday $2 polish. They still have it. Also, they have many of the $2 polish in the add-on section when you select the check out button (they’ll have a window pop up before you reach the final check-out page). If you’re able to find the polish you like in the add-on section (I found 3 of them there) add it from there rather than adding it to your cart initially from the Black Friday page. after going through the check out and add-on process… DON’T pay yet. Click on the Julep Logo on the top left to take you back to the homepage. Go back to your cart and use the promo code: 30eyes to get an extra 30% off your order. Almost $60 worth of product for only $6. NOT BAD and a great way for Julep to treat their customers. Hope this helps.

They make for great stocking stuffers/gifts. Also, I believe their products are cruelty free.

Click HERE to check out their sales. You may have to log on, I’m already a Julep Maven… but I hope all you have to do is sign up for the newsletter. It’s a subscription, so if it’s asking you to do that. Please be aware it’s a reoccurring monthly subscription. I thought I would share in the POLISH goodness. ❤


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