Christmas Decoration Challenge: Shopping on a Budget

My oldest daughter and I went shopping for some Christmas decoration last weekend. Our goal was to stay on budget, but still be able to create a wonderland for our home. The challenge was only spending $15 for decorations. So, it was only logical to head over to the nearest dollar store and let my little girl pick out the theme for this years tree . We already decided that the colors would be silver, red, and accented blue. (It was really hard to find anything blue in that store!!!)

I wanted to set a tradition that allowed my kids to express their creativity , make lasting memories, and also make each holiday season a time spent with family . Each Christmas, I hope to have my girls help pick out the theme and décor for our home. I know, they’re toddlers, but it’s fun seeing what  they’ll pick out, how lopsided the tree might look, and the happiness they experience after doing it themselves. Of course, I’m there to guide them… but I always feel like what they end up doing is the most beautiful thing! Nothing that I can do will beat that.

We spent a good hour browsing and trying to explain to her that we couldn’t get EVERYTHING in the store. She wanted to put 50 items in the cart. Still, it warmed my heart seeing the excitement she felt. It reminded me of my grandma in the Philippines. She often allowed me the choice to do things on my own. It taught me independence, creativity, and initiative.

Although, we failed to meet the budget (we spent $22)… my little one did a wonderful job helping mommy decide. She didn’t ask for ANYTHING else at the store. She was THAT focused on the task. At the end, she picked out the stars (thank God, since it goes with the Firefly ornament from Nerd Block), agreed on the big flowers, and was happy to pick blue candy canes for the tree. I would say… that this experience was a complete success. Although, I was a bit surprised she didn’t pick the snowman and snowflake ornaments for a more Elsa theme tree. But, I guess it makes sense… she’s a STAR after all.



5 thoughts on “Christmas Decoration Challenge: Shopping on a Budget

  1. That’s a fun idea. When I was little my Mother had us make an ornament each year. So as we grew up there would be a progression of hand made memories on the tree. It was fun to see them each year.

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