Happy Birthday to my Husband

  Please join me in wishing my husband, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


He is my rock and best companion through this wondrous journey. Without him, my imagination, creativity, and thirst for life would have greatly suffered. He opened me up to the possibilities of living my life at the edge of reality and dream. This man is the most giving, unselfish, and loving man I know. If I had to describe bravery, it would be the very description of everything that my husband stands for.


Without him, I wouldn’t have the best gifts of all… my children. He gifts me with the peace of mind and heart to know that he will dearly love and guide my children to the best of his abilities. He is also the one who takes on so much when I am unable to, and NEVER complains. EVER. He can read my mind and symptoms now even before they start, and begins to do things to ease the load (even when he is beat tired and is needing rest himself).


He is my model “warrior” and my unscripted menswear inspiration. He is bold enough to listen to my ideas (in the name of fashion, lol) and is willing to try to put his own spin to it. He is never afraid to step outside of the box. He embraces it. He taught me the rewards in building upon your confidence based on building upon the type of person you want to become.

I love you babe, forever and a day.



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