Menswear: Knitted Sweater Inspiration

Knitted sweaters always reminds me of the cooler seasons. The fuzzies, colors, and warmth of the sweater brings back a mental picture of what everyone should be wearing around this season. But, you don’t have to look like Ron, from Harry Potter, to enjoy it. There are a lot of cool looking, very sporty, and causal looking knits for men. In these pictures, my husband opted for a black knit sweater embellished with a bit of grey specs, a denim collar accent, a hoody (whhhaatt? you can do that?), brown accented buttons, and drawstring toppers. All together, it’s effortlessly amazing.



3 thoughts on “Menswear: Knitted Sweater Inspiration

    1. I’m in the same boat. I love different kinds and am so obsessed with outerwear. Unfortunately, the humid and hot climate we live in makes it impossible sometimes. But, when there’s even a little chance… sweaters are definitely being to full use! 🙂

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