October 2015 Nerd Block Unboxing

 October 2015 Nerd Block Unboxing

We received my husband’s Nerd Block yesterday! I have been anticipating this month’s box because of the endless excitement Nerd Block promoted about getting TWO vinyl figures. I’d like to inform everyone that, YES, we got two vinyl figures… but it was a TRICK!!! Shame on you, Nerd Block. Still, it seems as though, it was still somewhat of a TREAT for my husband. The vinyl figures came in a 2-pack exclusive. Most people our age grew up on films like Alien, so it was really nice getting something that brought back some childhood memories (or nightmares?).

Personally I was extremely excited about the shirt this month. GIZMO! It was a good surprise, and the best part was that when it glows in the dark it turns into the creepy gremlin. They did good for the us mogwai fans 🙂 I’m not a big fan of glow in the dark shirts, but for this… I will make an exception. Top favorite this month for me is the zombie dog tags (GREAT JOB NERD BLOCK on something that can be VERRRRY useful, plus my husband really likes it.), shirt, and vinyl figures (I’m starting to love collecting these expensive suckers, but thanks to Nerd Block, I have extra stuff to come with the purchase). Hope you enjoy!


What We Got:

  1. Exclusive Aliens Ripley and Big Chap Xenomorph Vinyl 2-Pack: They mostly come out at night… mostly. When Big Chap is on the prowl, you will have nothing to fear, because you’ll also have Ripley at your side. This collectible vinyl 2-pack is exclusive to Nerd Block.
  2. Zombie Hunter Dog Tags: Whether you’re actively training to defend yourself in the upcoming zombie apocalypse or if you’ve yet to begin, these dog tags will help you recognize other members of the human resistance to the undead.
  3. ShirtPunch T-shirt Peltzer’s Pet: They’re such cute pets, who would think something could go so horribly wrong simply because they eat after midnight’? Be sure to check this shirt out in the dark to learn the trick.
  4. Bob’s Burgers Mad Libs: When you’re treating your friends to a Halloween bash, there’s always room for The World’s Greatest World Game! There’s also always room for butts, which can of course fill out several of the blanks here, with hilarious results!
  5. Exclusive Jem and the Holograms Outrageous: Jem and the Holograms is one of the best comic reboots out there, and we’re thrilled to bring out this Nerd Block Exclusive treat of a cover for its very first annual packed with stories from several talented writers and artists.
  6. Exclusive Moe Coaster: Set your mug on his unsightly mug to prevent unsightly ring stains on your finest bar furniture. Everyone knows drinking glass stains are as annoying as prank callers asking to speak to Mike Rotch!

Next Month:

I am excited to hear that we are getting an exclusive item from FIREFLY!!!!! (The show is a MUST WATCH!).  They said to also expect items from Star Wars and Sherlock.

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