Carpe Diem: Plaids in the Fall

Plaids in the Fall: Menswear Inspiration

How do you bring a basic piece of clothing to life? Look at the fine details (they do matter!). For example, NOT ALL PLAID SHIRTS ARE THE SAME. The details are in the texture, color, and width of the stripes. Finding the right shirt and mixing and matching with other key pieces can transcend your whole outfit from the “ordinary” to something that uniquely translates your individuality.

My husband was able to bring something that can normally be seen as the basic staple for that preppy look into something that showcased his spunk and edginess instead. How? He picked the right plaid shirt (of course, you don’t need all of the bells and whistles to accomplish this, but it does help).

This is by far my favorite plaid shirt. The details of the brown wooden “looking” buttons, the black suede elbow patch, the width, and the colors of the lines gives it a warmth that reminds me of Fall. It’s edgy and sophisticated. It’s also perfect for layering (helpful for those still living in the warmer climate). You can easily turn this into two cool looking outfits by tying the plaid shirt at the waist once it gets too hot to wear.


I fell in love with the color scheme he chose. It looks easy and eye-catching all at the same time. The trick? The cool color of the blue shirt (this was also in our Aeropostale haul) was a great contrast to the warm tones of his plaid shirt. It really made it pop! On top of that, the shirt brought the bluish tones of his grey”ish” suede boots. It also brought out the beautiful detail and texture of his grey fedora (Goorin made). By the way… props to the hat accessories that helped accent the colors of his plaid shirt. 🙂

The last detail of his outfit has been something I’ve been obsessing over recently. It’s going to sound crazy, but I love that he cuffed his slim fitting medium washed jeans. The bit of ankle that peeks every once in a while and that tiny detail helps accentuate that rebellious look. 

(Other accessories that worked great with this outfit is the black watch with gold accents and the red leather wristband). I hope you enjoyed! Be inspired…… FALL for plaids.

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