Arcade Block September 2015 Unboxing

Arcade Block: The Legend of Zelda Theme

My husband’s September Arcade Block came in yesterday. Although, I know NOTHING about The Legend of Zelda, I was quite pleased by this box. They generally stuck to the theme. Some of the items they chose to stick to the Zelda theme was surprisingly original. I’m not a fan (since I can’t pretend to know anything about it), but I was pretty excited about the canvas art. It doesn’t look tacky and it’s a great break from the usual “exclusive poster.” I think my husband was pretty happy with it too, at least, enough to continue on for next month’s box again.


What We Got

  1. Exclusive Wind Waker T-Shirt
  2. Exclusive Canvas: The Hero’s Triumph- The hero’s journey is a tale we’re all familiar with, punctuated by important milestones. One such milestone is depicted on this canvas print, featuring artwork by world-renowned artist Russ Moore.
  3. Exclusive: Key Chain The Hero’s Shield- A shield is an important thing to have throughout your adventuring. It can help fend off enemy attacks, deflect arrows, and also keep your keys in one place. Cheat code time: if you remove the key ring, this is also a fashionable pendant for your favorite necklace.
  4. Exclusive: Springz Chicken- We’re not supposed to go after these critters, but let’s face it. We always end up spending a ridiculous amount of time chasing them around instead of questing- and they always seem to bounce away, as if they were on some sort of spring. Well, now this fell is literally on a spring!
  5. Exclusive: Galak-Z 7″ Record- Galak-Z is a game we can’t stop playing, and part of the reason is its amazing soundtrack. We’ve pressed two of the tracks to this exclusive highly-collectible record. Don’t have a record player? We’ve included a sweet deal on turntables in the very block from our friends at Crosley.
  6. 5″ Goomba and Boo Plush- Everyone needs a snuggle buddy- even bad guys. Won’t you be a snuggle buddy for a mushroom kingdom villain? Maybe all they ever wanted was some affection, and are terribly misunderstood.

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