Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! Enjoy a fun, safe, and BOO-tiful Halloween. From our family to yours. Don't forget to set your clock back on Sunday, so that you can enjoy an extra hour of sleep. 


Menswear: Knitted Sweater Inspiration

Knitted sweaters always reminds me of the cooler seasons. The fuzzies, colors, and warmth of the sweater brings back a mental picture of what everyone should be wearing around this season. But, you don't have to look like Ron, from Harry Potter, to enjoy it. There are a lot of cool looking, very sporty, and …

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October 2015 Nerd Block Unboxing

 October 2015 Nerd Block Unboxing We received my husband's Nerd Block yesterday! I have been anticipating this month's box because of the endless excitement Nerd Block promoted about getting TWO vinyl figures. I'd like to inform everyone that, YES, we got two vinyl figures... but it was a TRICK!!! Shame on you, Nerd Block. Still, …

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