A Musician’s Paradise: A Guitarist Mini-Haul

A Musician’s Paradise


Music is the silence, echoes, inspiration, perspiration, and one of the things that sets the rhythm of this household. My past blogs incorporated the inspiration music brings out in the essence of our style preferences. I thought a few of you would appreciate the little mini-guitarist haul.

Music is like air in this household… it always seems to exist and most often a necessity. So, we must protect the tools we use and expand on the knowledge acquired. Yesterday, we purchased a Guitar Maintenance Kit. My husband’s friend gifted him with a Guitar Scale Wall Chart (Super helpful and awesome!).


To top it off, do you remember those vinyl stickers my husband just recently purchased? Look where they ended up. This guitar (it’s my husband’s) is definitely ONE OF A KIND. 🙂


Comic Con Haul 2015 Part 2


Here’s a little bit of a treat (especially since I forgot to post it along with the Comic Con 2015 Haul). We also bought 2 Sailor Moon themed Necklaces and 3 leather bracelets. The red double-buckled bracelet is an awesome color and quality that has become a staple to many of my husband’s outfits.

The slim reddish-brown leather bracelet is engraved with the saying “Never Tell Me The Odds”. The brown leather bracelet is engraved with the saying, “I Aim To Misbehave”.

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