Evangelion: Asuka Langley Soryu

Yes, we did it AGAIN.

My husband already owned a vest that needed some revamping to make it his very own. We focused on a character that he likes and thought of ways of incorporating that in his wardrobe. The vest was an easy choice because it was something that was versatile, unique, and can be worn comfortably.

 I can guarantee that no one else will have the same vest. The only thing we did was buy an Asuka tank top. I bought the largest one they had! Patches were too small, and they were very limited in design. So, with a little bit of cutting and rough sewing… here is the process and end product! Enjoy.

DSCN2531DSCN2535 DSCN2537DSCN2541 DSCN2550DSCN2932


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