Moon Prism Power, Make Up!

My husband surprised me with an awesome Sailor Moon vinyl sticker yesterday. This is going to have to go on something special. If you don’t already know Sailor Moon, you are missing out! Sailor Moon embodied all things that were good in my childhood. I literally believed I was Sailor Moon. On behalf of all of the fans, please help yourself and GEEK out with me. This is an amazing accessory. I feel like a kid again.

To top it off, he also got himself a vinyl sticker of Rei Ayanami from Evangelion. Evangelion has seeped into my life at a later age… And I don’t regret it. It has a profound storyline that kind of warped my idea of “happy endings” especially when you compare it to Sailor Moon.


And here’s Sailor Moon’s 1992 transformation. Gawd, I’m old.

Here’s some more Sailor Moon for all of the fans! Thanks babe, for knowing how to spoil me. I am absolutely DELIGHTED.

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