Menswear Fall Inspiration: FALL (ing) for Him

Need a little Inspiration for the coming Fall? Here’s an easy go-to outfit you can easily do. The thing to pay attention to are his statement pieces, color scheme, and the fit of each pieces.

Instead of grabbing for your normal hoody, opt for a light weight cargo jacket (some have a built in hoody like my husband’s if you like that look). We chose a muted green color (it’s a little color, but still neutral enough to go with many outfits). The slim fitting light acid wash jeans was a good fit for the “looser” fit of the cargo jacket. It balanced it out and didn’t make it seem too boxy of an outfit. Add the bowler hat with a Harry Potter themed pin, and you’ve got an outfit that’s easy-going and unique.

You have a choice between wearing boots with this outfit. I thought the converse was a nice touch, if you’re just not feeling the boots (or if it’s still too hot for it). It still gives it that edgier feel and also creates the same effect as the slim fitting jeans. It keeps your outfit from looking too boxy. Try your best to pay attention to the fit, some outfits can make you look short and stumpy.


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