Nerd Block Unboxing: Summer Mixtape

Nerd Block Unboxing: Summer Mixtape


– I personally thought this was the best box so far (but, the last box had the best shirt). The Nerd Block subscription (this review is my own, not my husband) is my husband’s. I would use EVERYTHING in this box. My all time favorite is the “Awkward Family Postcard.” This is probably because I still prefer hand-written cards and letters sent via snail mail. I still try to buy Christmas cards and send them to family. If I don’t, I try to at least write a note down and give it to them personally. My husband isn’t disappointed, but I don’t think he’s wow’ed by everything in this box. He did say that he liked the shirt. If you ask me, that lunch box will be holding some of my current favorite beauty items. 🙂

What was in the box?

  1. Exclusive Ghost Trap Lunch Box- Ghost traps aren’t just for focused, non-terminal, repeating phantasms! Did you know you can also use this one to carry your lunch (or whatever you like!)? This is one trap you should stare directly into, because it’s got some good stuff inside! (They had the “Slimer Plush” inside)
  2. “Who You Gonna Call?” Shirt- This exclusive T-shirt is just for Nerd Block subscribers! Love this shirt? Check out for four great unique pop culture tees every single day!
  3. Exclusive Slimer Plush- Those with the courage to let this ghost out of his trap will find this delightfully cute and cuddly version of everyone’s favorite spud, Slimer!
  4. Awkward Family Photos Postcard- Summer is a time for family and sending postcards, and this booklet combines both those things in the most awkward way possible!
  5. Rubiks Cube Stress Cube- Sometimes summer events can get you stressed. Total bummer! They’re supposed to be the exact opposite. If you’re feeling stressed, give this a squeeze!
  6. Exclusive “A Coaster of Kings”- Nothing beats the summer heat like a nice, refreshing cold beverage- and now you have new set of coaster to protect your tables with.

**Did you notice the Star Wars card in the picture? It seems that Nerd Block has just revealed next month’s theme. My husband’s reaction? “That’s more like it.” I think he’s happy to see that he’ll be getting some Star Wars gear for next month.**

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