ICU is where my Natural face is

Well, we are unfortunately back in the ICU. It’s for the other twin this time. Boy, has it been tough. Thankfully, our family is a pretty tight unit and we do great in situations as these…. and I can’t help, but thank God for that. It’s the great support that makes the biggest difference.

 In all of this, I have been rocking the true natural face around the hospital lately. There’s hardly enough time when you’re more worried about making it to rounds to speak to the doctor than applying that face mask/make-up.

***here’s a good trick… having a sample/travel size face wash and moisturizer does help make you look less like a zombie***

Side Note: Thank you everyone!! I really appreciate all of the views, likes, and subscribers. You guys are the absolute best!


4 thoughts on “ICU is where my Natural face is

    1. Thanks Kayla! We are in a regular room now… but man this no make up or extra stuff is confusing. I’m not sure if it’s refreshing or scary lol. I appreciate the love!

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