Thank you & More

First thing first… Thank YOU.

This blog is alive because of all of those who takes the time to like, comment, add…..and stop by. HONESTLY you are the life blood. Here’s what’s been happening… my email has been flooded with the notifications I get from WordPress. I kept it on at one point today and just watched the notification numbers grow. It was really cool. lol I was like a little kid feeling like I’ve hit the jackpot. The best part about it is that I have come to know a few of you guys. I see your blog name… and think wow they’re back and I just feel so appreciative of that.

I know how it is when we get busy. Your time is precious to me. Your involvement is appreciated ten folds.

So, it makes it easier to want to share so much with everyone here. I get excited by it. On that note, my husband and I have another special edition post we would like to share. You guys were with us at ComicCon… I hope you share in our next mystery adventure. 🙂

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