Acure Conditioner: Moroccan Argan stem cell +argan oil


Acure Organics Stem Cell Conditioner

(My review is in purple text/ Pink text is from BB site)

Birchbox Breakdown

High turnover may be bad for business, but it’s great for your hair. This creamy conditioner works to increase cell turnover on your scalp, resulting in healthier, glossier strands in the short- and long-term. And the magic is totally natural: Active plant stem cells team up with megavitamins and nourishing argan oil to provide long-lasting moisture, strength, and shine. The Pure Mint + Echinacea is best for normal to fine or limp hair. The Argan Oil + Argan is best for normal to dry, damaged and/or curly hair.

I chose the Argan Oil+Argan for normal to dry hair. I recently bleached my hair (and it is now very high maintenance). As you guys know, I LOVE the Acure line. I haven’t had any problems with any of the products from this line. Unfortunately, this is my first disappointment. It did nothing to strengthen, moisturize, or add shine to my hair. It felt dry and actually worse than when I first conditioned my hair with this. It felt dry and “fluffy” once my hair dried. It did feel soft all at the same time… does that make sense? I think I’m going back to the last conditioner I bought from the BB store (actually just purchased it). I’m only finishing up this product because I have to wait on my next conditioner. Still, please don’t write off the Acure line. I LOVE all of the other ones I’ve tried… but for my hair type I think I’m going to stay away from this. I would not purchase again.

How to Use

After shampooing, apply conditioner to your hair, concentrating product at the ends where damage occurs most. Let conditioner sit in your hair for a few minutes, then rinse clean with warm water.

Application is easy and I did just as it instructed. But, I don’t like the feeling of this conditioner. It feels like it has no consistency and the smell is okay. Not a big fan. 😦 But, one disappointment over all of the products I’ve tried isn’t too bad. I guess their hair care is a no go for me.

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