ComicCon 2015

Speaking of inspiration, we went to ComicCon for the first time! I was beyond excited to go and even happier to share it with all of you. I have to be honest, I was really excited to shop and raid what the vendors had. I had a few ideas in mind, but couldn’t find the materials I needed to execute it into reality. (I still didn’t really find all I wanted, but came away with some goodies that I promise to share in our ComicCon haul).


We didn’t dress up this year, but we still cleaned up nice as a family and somehow pulled off some type of ComicCon appropriate wardrobe/accessories- many of which you might recognize from past blogs. We did a few extra things, like my husband adding more pins on his hat (cool effect) and wearing the new vest we revamped (which we’ll feature in an upcoming blog).


One of the first things we did was check out the Kid’s area. It was filled with legos/blocks and a coloring area to entertain the children. My husband and I couldn’t help but appreciate the Hunger Games guitar. From what I was told, the maker bought a guitar then cut and glued the green based legos on. I guess this helps them change the theme of the guitar for each show (it normally takes him up to a day to finish a big project).

We were able to take a few pictures with some awesome people who took the time to make ComicCon so great for us and the kids. It takes time, money, and effort to dress up to these events and you have to appreciate the end result sometimes. I’m still waiting to find an authentic looking Sailor Moon. Maybe next year? Still, those who took a picture with us were very kind. It was crowded and they were also dealing with toddlers for the photo-op.

DSCN2845  DSCN2853DSCN2851

This place was HUGE!!! I especially loved the graffiti section (the art work they displayed were unique, and if I had it in the budget I would invest in some new pieces for the home). Next to the graffiti wall was the cosplay section. The Cosplay area were sectioned in different backdrops. Some of which, you can take a picture in.

It rained that day- 80% chance, the news said. They were right! It still didn’t stop us from making it to ComicCon. It might be a yearly tradition for this family… and hopefully for those who follow this blog. We have a few projects in the works thanks to ComicCon.


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