Family Affair


Need an easy outfit to throw on for any event? This is it guys. It’s great because you still have something uniquely yours and easy enough to find in your closet. Bare essentials?

– Print button down shirt (fitting says everything)

-Chino pants (it’s a little different from the normal denim)

-combat boots to give it some edge

-Accessories IS everything (The hat made this outfit).

**If you’re just starting out, this white crisp shirt with minor print detailing is the best way to go. Going for something simple makes it easier to add-on with less chances of you “over-doing” it. You may have seen all of the tribal prints and many other types of “crazy” prints out there. If you haven’t worn prints before, start with what you are comfortable and then build up. It’s smart to build up your comfort and confidence level and then just play around with it. The thing about fashion is it’s okay (and many times acceptable) to go outside the fashion faux pas line.

Instead of worrying about what is “in,” it’s better to pay attention to what material you prefer wearing and how it looks with each other as a combination to create that outfit. Next, would be how it fits you. What you choose tells a story… might as well be yours.

Accessories (I’m not as great as this as my husband, to be honest), are what you can call the punctuation of your outfit. Some can get away without it most of the time.. but it’s good to have them. It finishes and polishes the story line you have unfolded.


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