Studio 35 Beauty: Mint Facial Masque Reviews

Studio 35 Beauty: Mint Facial Masque

**Compare to Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

-Clears Blackheads

-Minimizes Pores

(Green is from Walgreens Website. Pink is my review)

This product attacks acne deep in the pores. Natural mint helps dry up pimples, clear blackheads and minimize the appearance of pores. This refreshing facial mask removes oil and dirt, leaving skin clean, refreshed and soft.

Made in USA

**I bought this for about $4. I didn’t have much expectations, but it was on sale and I was on a masque frenzy during that time. First time use made a lasting impression. It did dry up the pimples, leave my pores smaller, and I feel clear blackheads. Using this in my skin care routine helped prevent breakouts. It’s absolutely amazing for the price! It’s my go to get rid of pimples. For me, it started working right away. I do warn that some people say that they have had more pimples after this. I think it’s because it’s really trying to extract all of the impurities. So, you might have a breakout at first. (I’m not a professional). I can feel it working though. Some say it’s too much and it’s painful. That’s kind of scary. I didn’t have that problem. I think something like that could be due to an allergic reaction? It gives you a tingling feelings. As it dries you can feel a tightening feeling. Make sure to moisturize after. I use argan oil to help bring moisture back in. It can leave you feeling a bit dry.
100% satisfaction guaranteed
Massage mask onto face and neck, avoiding the eyes. Allow the mask to dry. Then rinse with warm water to remove.

**I would say that it’s an easy application. It does come out pretty thick. Almost like paste… dampen your hands a bit and it would be easier to distribute easily that way.
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